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The UK basidiomycete checklist website is not compatible with UK website accessibility law and will not be operating from 1st March 2022. All data currently available via the website will be distributed by flat file after this date.

 Checklist of the British & Irish Basidiomycota

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RBG Kew  
N.W. Legon & A. Henrici
with A.M. Ainsworth, P.J. Roberts, B.M. Spooner & R. Watling
database designed by J.A. Cooper and supported by P.M. Kirk
This searchable database provides information on all species of the fungal phylum Basidiomycota (including mushrooms and toadstools, bracket fungi, puffballs, earthstars and stinkhorns, club and coral fungi, tooth fungi, jelly fungi, rusts and smuts) recorded in the British Isles.

It is based on the original database used to create the book version of the checklist published in 2005, and includes all subsequent updates (see Latest update link opposite). Please email Paul Kirk if any errors or inconsistencies are found.
This project has been supported and funded by:
BritishMycological Society Countryside Council for Wales English Nature Environment and Heritage Service  (Northern Ireland) Fungal Research Trust The Heritage Council  (Ireland) Scottish Natural Heritage