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Ramaria pallida (Schaeff.) Ricken, Vadem. Pilzfr.: 263 (1920)

Clavaria pallida Schaeff., Fung. bavar. palat. nasc. (Ratisbonae) 4: 120 (1774)

Habitat: On soil, English collections associated with Fagus and Quercus spp.

Notes: Rare in Britain. Recent material (2004) at K from South Hampshire (New Forest). Older material at K from Buckinghamshire, East & West Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Surrey, and Worcestershire. Ramaria mairei was synonymised by Petersen [Am. J. Bot. 61(7): 742 (1973)], but some British collections under this last name at K have been redetermined as R. aurea and R. formosa.

Distribution: E: !

Vouchers: England: K(M) 155501

Descriptions, Lists & Icons:
D+I:, in Breitenbach, J., Kränzlin, F., Fungi of Switzerland Non gilled fungi, Heterobasidiomycetes, Aphyllophorales, Gasteromycetes 2: 412 pp. (1986), p. 364 473

Conservation Status: Vulnerable (Red Data List, Ing 1992); removed from list (Red Data List, Evans et al. 2006)

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