The GB Checklist of Fungal Names

This database contains information on the status of names of fungi (including lichen forming species, yeasts, protozoan fungi (Myxomycetes and their allies) and chromistan fungi) used in the British Isles. An increasing number of names have associated information on place of publication and synonymy. In addition, the species data page provides links to a summary of collection details from the FRDBI, together with links to any distribution maps, pictures and other information.

The information on synonymy is not complete. The existing information comes from a variety of sources of varying taxonomic quality. It contains synonymy information which is automatically collected in the process of adding records to the FRDBI. It also includes data where individual experts have corrected the taxonomy for their specific group. More recently it includes data from the checklist of British lichens (and other fungi studied by lichenologists, e.g. lichenicolous species) and authoritative synonymy and publication information for all Basidiomycota published by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew as the Checklist of British & Irish Basidiomycota. This project was partly funded by the BMS, amongst other organizations.

At an international level data on synonymy and place of publication is being compiled into GSDs (Global Species Databases) as part of the Species2000 initiative, this then contributing to the Catalogue of Life. Additional information may also be found in the world database of fungal names (IndexFungorum) maintained by CABI.

If you would like to contribute data please contact Paul Kirk

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